Mother's Day Gift Ideas

DIY Mother's Day Gift Ideas

There aren't a lot of people who can go out and find that one perfect gift for mom because moms are just too special and whether you're walking through the discount store, Tiffany's or just browsing online you know that it's pretty near impossible to actually find just one gift item that can say it all and translate your feelings for your mom. As much as people say that flowers do that stuff, I still don't believe that a gift that's going die and make my mom sad when she throws it out is any good.

What I and many of my friends do is that we break our mothers day gifts down into several gifts. There's of course the main event, that special gift that I'll give my mom on the big day but because I love my mom so much, I give her other things that I make myself and she just loves them. It's mostly stuff that she can use at home or enjoy for a long time.

A potted plant

I take pottery classes so this one is a cinch to make but even if you don't you can buy one at any discount store, fill it with soil, add a nice loving message on the outside. Decorate it with a nice ribbon and for an extra touch add a little sapling that can grow on the window sill.

Home improvement

By home improvement I don't mean that you should go and knock out a wall in your mom's home and try and fit an extra bedroom in it. Do some repair work; there's always repair work to do around a house. Fix a broken window or a cabinet that has loose hinge. And if you really want to make mom happy, mow the lawn.

Add to a collection

If your mom likes to collect stuff like unique buttons or wine or perfume bottles, find something that you can add to her collection. She might like to collect cookie cutters or beads, whatever the case find something to contribute to her interests.

The main event

The big mothers day gift isn't a DIY deal but it makes it easier to give mom a gift bought from a store when I've already done something for her myself. Of course my preferred gifts, mothers day fruit baskets, are pretty much something that can stand on their own but it's not about the gift as much as it is about the mom. I usually buy mothers day gift baskets for her but this year I'm probably going with a fruit bouquet, something that my sister sent me on my birthday. I know mom will just love it because it has two major things that all women love; fruit and chocolate.

This main mothers day gift in my opinion should be bought and not made at home because while moms will love everything that you do for them you need to remember that all moms are women and women just love a nice indulgent gift. So buy her something special that she can enjoy, make sure it isn't something that'll end up in a box and never be used. Be extra careful because things from decorations items to jewelry can meet this fate and never see the light of day.

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